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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thoughts on GMAT Prep Approaches

Last year I used a friend's Princeton Review materials (yes, he paid over a grand for the course, then kindly donated his materials to me) to prep for the GMAT. This year, I've made it a goal to broaden my scope of test prep materials. The Official GMAT Guide has been my primary prep tool to date, as it contains more than 1400 problems (and solutions with explanations) that have actually appeared on past GMATs.

I can see that I relied far too much on the Princeton Review approach last year. The Princeton Review teaches many 'shortcut' strategies to the GMAT's math problems, which, in my opinion, is a watered down approach that left me hanging on test day.

Most solutions presented in the Official GMAT Guide are done so in algebraic terms. This can be frustrating at first, especially when it comes to algebraicly arranging word problems with solutions that are based on the memorization of archaic number properties or the rules for adjusting formulas for inequalities. After tackling 50-100 or so of these problems, though, the algebraic approach becomes second nature, and you're no longer tied to the quick & dirty short-cut approaches of the Princeton Review. Feel the power! Algebra is your friend.

I plan to take my first full-length practice test this weekend (GMAT PowerPrep Test). I'll post the results here.
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

My one and only Toggy

No, Meesta TV. No. No no no. NO. Well.... NBA playoffs you say? No, I can't. Well, maybe just a peek. Meesta TV, you are so wily.

I'm sorry Meesta TV. There's someone else. Her name is Toggy... short for The Official GMAT Guide. I'm sorry... she calls. I must go see her. Did I mention that she is intellectually stimulating?
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Data Sufficiency is My Friend

Hello, Mr. Data Sufficiency problem. It's nice to see you again. How are you, old friend...? Good. Good to hear. I am well myself, thanks for asking.

What's that you ask? What have I been up to? Well, I recently took a trip home to attend a friend's bachelor party.

Oh, no, Mr. Data Sufficiency, it wasn't a long trip... just a few hours from here. How long did it take to get there, you ask?

How about we analyze this in the form a GMAT Data Suffiency problem?

How long did it take PupStar78 to drive nonstop from his home in Pleasantville to the bachelor party destination?

1. If PupStar's average speed for the trip had been 1.5 times as fast, the trip would have taken two hours?

2. PupStar's average speed for the trip was 50 MPH.

Now, Mr. Data Sufficiency, to answer your question, I ask you:

A. Is Statement 1 ALONE sufficient, but Statement 2 not sufficient?
B. Is Statement 2 ALONE sufficient, but Statement 1 not sufficient?
C. Are BOTH statements TOGETHER sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient?
D. Is EACH statement ALONE sufficient?
E. Or, are Statements 1 and 2 TOGETHER NOT SUFFICIENT?

C? WRONG! What, are you daft? The answer is A. Given your current critical thinking ability, I'm afraid you're doomed to attend UC Riverside. Better luck next time, ol' pal.
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ode to My Roommate

Burt (pseudonym), my roommate, spilled the beans tonight. He hates blogs. I believe the words he used were... "gives everyone a foghorn to trumpet their inane thoughts, mindless banter and poor writing skills," or something to that effect.

Luckily, I'm confident that this blog might surpass his expectations. On the chance that it doesn't, I think he can deal with it.

I got some great advice today from a former MBA career center counseler in regards to my short-term / long-term career goals and how management consulting (MC) might fit in. I am considering MC as a logical career step post-MBA, but I wasn't sure what area of consulting made the most sense for someone of my professional background. Career focus was a problem with my applications last year.

Her advice was to focus first on my long-term goals, such as starting my own company or working in a marketing, ops or biz dev capacity at a start-up, and then figure out how a post-MBA job in MC would help me get there. According to her, taking this approach to constructing my career goals (both in concept and in my application essays) would require less insider MC knowledge than would a career goal of, say, senior partner at an MC firm.

It's common sense, really, but I was happy to get her feedback.

My roomate had some common sense feedback tonight as well: "Don't work for the man. Start your own business. Do it now. Don't be a slave to salary and vacation policy."

Smart words indeed. That's it for now. Off to bed. Well, maybe just a few minutes of SportsCenter.
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