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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Things are whirlwind around here. I've finally got my recommender packets distributed. All of my recommenders are on board.

My girlfriend just moved in with me... the apartment is messy and in transition... but I'm excited for this step that we are taking. She is my number one fan :)

My job is... interesting and more stressful. I got promoted to management back in February. I find myself teaching a crew of 7 staff... it's rewarding, but mighty challenging. I almost miss being an experienced junior staff person, but I like the authority & final say that comes along with my new title.

Essays are moving forward. I've been putting at least an hour in every night. With the exception of a couple essays, I have a solid grasp on the topic and content of each essay. The primary essay (why mba, why us, blah blah blah) is on draft 10. Really. I've re-written it many a time, but I'm confident that the current draft is on the right track.

I've noticed it is a bit quiet across the applicant blogosphere... I assume some folks are meeting that R1 Kellogg deadline this Friday....
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Final Four, Paranoia and other Observations & Questions

So after much thought, I've decided to target the following:


The first three (Harvard, Kellogg and Haas) are attractive for one major reason: a general management focus. The final school is more finance focused, but I am attracted to the school's marketing curriculum, reputation and placements.

There are a couple of other schools in the mix. Things may shake out slightly differently over the next couple weeks, but I will stick with these four for now.

On the paranoia front, it dawned on me recently how much personal information I have disclosed in this blog. In the spirt of sharing even more, please note that I bank with Wells Fargo and that my Social Security number is 897-39-3407.

More seriously, I will try to be a bit more discrete in future postings... and I may delete a couple of the older postings.

Finally, do any of the other bloggers out there know the latest with the League of MBA Bloggers? Seems like the site administator has been on quite an extended leave. In particular, the RSS feeds aren't functioning...

In parting, hope all's well with the MBA blog-o-sphere.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Target Schools & App Progress

I've done a lot of thinking over the last two weeks -- really trying to narrow my potential schools from 7 or 8 down to about 5. The process has been more stressful than I anticipated. I want to focus on schools most friendly to applicants of my career background and personal characteristics. I'm trying to balance this with location. For personal reasons, I strongly prefer to study in a major American city.

The other major factor is my realistic chances at admission. This has been the hardest element to judge.

Aaahh, choices. The good news is that I've settled on 4 initial targets. I may add one additional... if my recommenders don't herniate.
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Friday, October 14, 2005

To write or not to write... dat ees da kwestyyyon!

Well, I'm about 1.5 months out of my self-imposed deadlines. I'm working on Essay 1 (the one for all schools) . Once I have a solid draft... I'll ready to tackle the supplemental essays. I'm feeling a little behind where I would have liked to be at this point, but that is reality. Tomorrow is the weekend -- two full days of writing opportunity.

More to come soon... apoligies for the brevity.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why Round 2?

A few folks have asked me why I'm applying to my target schools in round 2. The simplest reason is that with many round 1 deadlines hitting next week, my applications are not ready. I was focused entirely on the GMAT before test day (Sept. 6). Since that time, I've been primarily focused on two things: 1.) Catching up at work; and 2.) determining target schools, refining and solidifying my "why MBA, why now, why us" (ongoing conversations with marketing / brand management contacts, as well as current students and alumni at a couple of my target schools) .

My goal is to submit all applications before December 1. There is some flexibility with that deadline, as many round 2 deadlines hit in early January. However, I prefer to submit my applications earlier in the round.

By next Monday I plan to have all my recommenders notified, supplying each with a 'guidesheet' for each school app recomendation. As for essays, I have a lot of good 'material' on hand from last year's applications. My best material highlights the compelling aspects of my background (childhood, family, undergrad experience, work experience). There is some material that I won't re-purpose -- mostly the essays in which I outlined my post-MBA goals. As I've discussed in earlier posts, I was pretty lost when it came to this aspect of my application... and it showed.

I wish I had the time to apply round 1 -- but I'd rather put my best foot forward. Hopefully my strategy pays off!!
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Essays Underway

Wow, it's been an interesting year. Last October I was wrapping up applications for my preferred MBA programs. This year, I'm just beginning applications for all of my target schools.
I've commenced writing the main essay for all schools "Why MBA, Why us, Why now?" Most of my deadlines (all Round 2) fall in January, although a couple fall in December. Regardless, my goal is to have every application complete by December 1.

More progress to share soon.
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

45-50 Essays... No Prob!

I just finished gathering all essays and short answer questions for my 7 target schools into one document. It appears I'll be writing 45 or so essays. Yikes! Luckily several essays are shared topics.

My favorite question topic: "tell us about yourself / background / etc." This is the big one to demonstrate how I'm different from every other Caucasian American late-twenties applicant out there.... and there are a lot!

My least favorite: Ethics. What a tricky topic. Most ask that I describe an ethical dilemma, or explain what my biggest area of ethics weakness would be. Tricky, tricky!
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