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Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's relative, man. It's all relative.

Hola, blogger friends! Long time no blog. Pupstar is sorry.

Today is my first installment of "Dinged? Who Cares? Let's Party, Man!" These periodic posts are intended as a shameless rebuttal to those blogging about their glorious admissions options. Well, my friends... while you all buckle down for two years in HELL, Pupstar's gonna be living it up.... until August, that is. ;)

Following is Installment I of "Dinged? Who Cares? Let's Party, Man!"

The Benefits of Being a Ding-Dong:

-- Budget, budget, budget. Extra cash saved for grad school dollars is now allocated to luxuries like a new iPod Nano (that's right!), insurance and gas for my first ever vehicle in SF (six years with no car makes one grumpy dude), and two-week July trip to Italy (Come stai?!?!)
-- Blogosphere status as 'fifth-year senior.' It's rare air up here my friends. The freshman chicks love me. I know all the 'cool' bloggers. I get invited to the 'best' blogger parties. And... I can mock the cute newbie bloggers who are struggling with GMAT prep. How precious! ;) (only kidding here, folks)
|| PupStar78, 5:34 PM


Mmm, oh my. Sounds like you'll be the "Big Man On Blogs" like a Van Wilder type.

Another ipod nano? Didn't want to upgrade to a video? ;-)

Go pupstar!
Blogger i_will_make_it, at 10:58 PM  
like the new layout, keep me in the loop on all the fresh meat ;)
Blogger brownoski, at 10:59 PM  
The extra cash must be good =) What car did you get?
Blogger sghama, at 2:49 AM  
yeah - the new look is indeed cool, and the italy thingie sounds pretty exciting. when are you going ?
Blogger Forrest Gump, at 8:04 AM  
Have fun in Italy..it will be a blast!!
Blogger FooBarMe, at 2:03 PM  
i would have given you a good deal on my car :)
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