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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I postponed my vacation and I am at work this week. Why, oh why, did I do this?
|| PupStar78, 10:36 AM


Because somewhere inside pupstar he has a soft spot for work? Knows he'll miss it too much if he leaves already? :-)

Have a great vaca!
Blogger i_will_make_it, at 11:47 AM  
Blogger brownoski, at 3:56 PM  
So you can have a longer time in Italy! :)
Blogger fromcali, at 5:39 PM  
like the new style
Blogger chillpill, at 7:28 PM  
because i was in peru to buy you a beer at JC and tell you it is a stupid thing to do.

So....when are we getting that beer?
Blogger Marina, at 3:35 PM  
Hey! No update for a long time?
Blogger Hobbes, at 10:50 AM  
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