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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Still Here!

Sorry, everyone, for not posting over the last two months. I'm about to land a big promo at work and I've been working my tail off. I'm also trying to finish up my danged Stats class... 3 weeks left.

One of the people that I manage is applying this year. I went over to his office to chat about a project, and he had the Kellogg site up on his computer. He still hasn't taken the GMAT, though... I told him to get as close to a 700 as possible and make sure that quant score is 80 or better. He seems pretty nervous... poor guy. However, I like seeing my team members shoot for the stars... hopefully he slays the GMAT and gets into one of his target schools!

Better post coming soon. I really promise this time!
|| PupStar78, 6:45 AM


Aristotle said : think twice before making promises ;))
Blogger Forrest Gump, at 1:12 AM  
Congrats on the promo! See, things are all working out for ya. And it'll be good to include on the apps.

Enjoy having a income while you have it. Trust me, you will miss it.
Blogger fromcali, at 7:41 PM  
Hi, I am going to apply b school again this year.. if this year i failed, i'll most probably follow your step and re think about the whole mba thing..
have fun you :)
Blogger ipoel7, at 5:06 PM  
hey Pupstar - I enjoyed reading your blog! I too had planned on applying to MBA in 2006, but had not been able to pull through due to work opportunities (and obligations). I'm currently studying to take my GMAT and planning to go through the round of applications this year. I wish the both of us luck :)
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